About the Project

‘Thatcher’s Pension Reforms and Their Consequences’ is an AHRC-funded project which will conduct research into the reforms to Britain’s pension system implemented by the Conservatives in the 1980s. It will explore the roots, construction, implementation, and consequences, both intended and unintended, of the many reforms undertaken by the Thatcher governments. It will examine the battle between ideas, interests, and institutions that took place over the Conservatives’ proposals; examine the compromises that were forced in the implementation of policy; and delineate the legacy of the policy changes that resulted. As social science historians we intend for the research to be inter-disciplinary, engaging with political science, social policy, and welfare economics.

The project will be contemporary history research at its leading-edge: taking advantage of the transition to a 20-year rule for the release of government papers and mining a rich seam of primary material in other archives, in contemporary publications, and via oral history.

The project started work in October 2014 and will run for four years.

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